Monday, May 19, 2014

Author of the Week: Dianne Hartsock

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This week Dianne Hartsock visits the blog. I met Dianne online at Six Sentence Sunday and found her writing to be heartfelt (makes sense, doesn't it?) and endearing. I wanted to know more about the characters, what they did to succeed in their love, and where she would take them. Today I asked her one question about how her muse became in engaged in her genre.

BBTF: You write heartfelt M/M romance in different genres. What about M/M romance captured your heart and your muse?

Dianne: I read my first m/m erotic romance about four years ago, and oh my! I was enchanted. I read pretty much every genre under the sun, but there's just something about two men falling into each other's arms and hearts that fascinates me, makes my pulse pound in my veins.

But I never thought to write an erotic romance story of my own until I attended an online conference for writers several years ago hosted by Muse it Up Publishing. One of the writers there, Jamieson Wolf, held a series of lectures called 'Riding the Lightning'. Did I say lectures? Definitely not! More like a slow seduction, coaxing and teasing us with the delights of writing male on male love.

More than this, Jamieson literally challenged us to write an m/m romance. And a tiny voice inside me whispered, why not? Go ahead. Imagine that strong body shiver under your hand. Feel the texture of his skin, the contours of hard muscles. Write that down.

Now go that one step further, add that bit of naughtiness by having it be two men in this room. See! For whatever reason, this image makes my heart jump and race. Go on, says the impish voice in my head, slide your hand down that sexy body. And if you write it as if your character is another male doing this, wouldn't you feel that slide as if it were on your own body? You would know the delicious pleasure of being rubbed and squeezed, the slow lick of a tongue. You'd want to give that pleasure to your lover. Write that down.

And this is why I write m/m romance! I start with my two men undressing and touching and kissing, one thing leading to another in a hot sensual dance, leading to climax. I love stretching my writing skills, imagining their movements and capturing every touch and emotion and position on the page. Love is Love! And I love writing about it.

Thank you so much for having me as your guest today Siobhan!

Oh, you write so delicious, Dianne! :D

You can find out more about Dianne Hartsock's sexy, seductive, and very male characters on her website. Be sure to buy a book and tell a friend. Happy reading!

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