The "What"

Have you ever wanted to help someone, but felt like you didn't know what you could do?

That's what this new blog is about. Originally, it was set up to help authors having a tough time. We all have those moments when things seem hopeless and everything is falling around our ears. I set this blog up to give folks a way to help an author.

In 2014, I've decided to change the premise of the blog. It's still meant to help authors, but it's also to help readers find authors they've never read or experienced. I'm going to post one author a week and they'll be from all genres, not just romance (although I admit romance authors are the ones I know the most of so they'll probably be the largest genre represented).

Why am I doing this?

Because helping people makes me feel good and I'm all about delivering good feelings. That's why I write romance myself. It's a service I can provide. I can help authors, help readers, and make myself happy. Win-Win for everyone.

So let's work on this together to make everyone happier. I'll still post when authors need a little extra boost or help, but the main premise now is give everyone a place to learn about new books and authors, and to talk about books. :D

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