Friday, November 1, 2013

Something a Little Different - Sommer Marsden

Today I wanted to spotlight another author who is having difficulty. Sommer Marsden is facing some big medical bills, so several of us authors have gotten together in a fundraiser for all the proceeds to benefit Sommer.

This is exactly what Buy a Book, Tell a Friend blog is about. So I'm passing on the information. There is an information website which talks about the fundraiser and the where's and why's of the event. You can find it HERE.

In addition, Bronwyn Green, a fabulous person and event coordinator, has put up the list of items you can "donate" for on her site. Just click HERE to see all the fabulous things for sale. Each item is offered as incentives for a specific monetary amount.

For instance, I'm offering some handmade baby blankets for a donation of $20 each. When the donation comes in, I'll send the blankets off to the person/people who donated. All the proceeds go to Sommer to help her out.

In addition, I've posted her books on the right hand sidebar and you're welcome to buy a book, which will also help her out. Please take a moment to peruse the items for donation on Bronwyn's site and hopefully we can all win. Do you think you could donate or share this information?

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! :)