The "Why"

The "why" of Book Gratitude - Buy a Book, Tell a Friend

Gratitude begets blessings of all sizes, and authors are incredibly grateful for their readers and those who buy their books.

But sometimes it's hard to see the light in the darkness that comes down based on personal economy. All sorts of things chip away at happiness and drag us straight into fear, stress, and worry.

We all need a little help to find the light, and as a country and a community, we can help each other. Have you heard the term "paying it forward"? It's the idea that when someone does something extraordinary or nice for you, you show your gratitude by offering the same sort of treatment to someone else. You pay the extraordinary to the next person.

That's what I'm doing here. Many authors have shown me such great generosity when I got started publishing. They put me up on their blogs, they helped me find blog hops, they read and critiqued my books to make them better. That takes a lot of energy and effort, and I'm so grateful for their help.

In this regard, I'm paying all that effort on my behalf forward to other authors. I'm shouting their names, getting them noticed, and hopefully, helping their personal economy. I'm also hoping to help the readers by giving everyone a chance to "meet" the authors I've had the good fortune to meet, and to read their words.

Books are my drug of choice and I'm happy to get other people hooked. ;)

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