Monday, June 30, 2014

Author of the Week: Clair de Lune

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This week Clair de Lune visits the blog. I met Clair online when she contacted me through Siren Publishing to find out some promotional tricks. Clair has since written many books with the paranormal and BDSM flavors. Today I asked her one question about the art form of Kinbaku and how it came into her writing.

BBTF: You often post images of rope work in your FB page. How has that art form found its way into your writing?

Clair: When I first became interested in writing BDSM I listened to Gray Dancer's Ropecasts. On a few of them Master "K" spoke about Kinbaku and his books "The Art of Kinbaku." The interviews were very interesting and his voice was very easy to listen to. I bought his book and loved it.

By this time I was beginning to write "Catriona's Golden Angel," and I needed some information, in order to get the Kinbaku scenes right, so I emailed Master "K." He replied at once with all the information I needed. Since then we have become friends and he's kind enough not only to answer any questions I had but also to proof read my Kinbaku scenes.

His book was translated into Japanese, a singular, and well-deserved honour for a Westerner writing about such a very Japanese subject. He went to Japan for the book launch and was kind enough to write an article for my website on his return. You can find it on You are very welcome to leave comments.

That is a great honor, Clair! Congratulations.

You can find out more about Clair de Lune's books on her website. Be sure to buy a book and tell a friend. Happy reading!